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Our online tool allows you to create a unique loading screen in minutes, without touching a single line of code! Installing the loading screen to your server is even easier: You simply add one command to your server.cfg file... That's it!
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Signing up and creating your loading screen is free! It's not a trial and you don't need to give us your credit card information, just create an account and make your loading screen. Simple as that!
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No need for a web server

Renting a whole web server just for a loading screen sucks. We solved this issue by hosting the loading screens on our servers, allowing you to focus on other things, while we maintain the loading screen experience for you.
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Highly Customizable

Choose between a wide range of modern and professional presets and make your loading screen truly fit to your server by adding a description, rules, staff members, background images, music and more...
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Make your free loading screen in minutes.

Trust me, creating a loading screen for your Garry's Mod server was never this easy. All you need to do is create an account, press the big 'Create Loading Screen' button and that's it.


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