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Christmas times

It's december and therefore the christmas time is getting closer.
Temperatures are dropping and it might already be snowing where you are.
If not, you can make it snow on your loading screen now.
Just edit your loading screen and click enable snowflakes on the big Merry Christmas banner.

Give others access to your account on this platform

Sometimes... you have or want to give others access to your account on this platform.
Until now, you had to give them access to your steam account.

Todays update introduces Log-In Keys that others can use to log-in to your account.
Check out this article on how to use them: Knowledge Base > How do I give others access to my account?

Add you own beats!

A lot of people have asked and here it finally is:
You can now add your own music to your loading screens.

Just go to your dashboard, click Edit on one of your loading screens, go to the Music dropdown and choose Use your own song file.
Now, press the new red button underneath the dropdown, fill in the songs Title, Artist, the Volume (how loud it should play) and last but not least the song file.

Keep in mind that the song file has to be in .ogg! There are pages like that can convert .mp3, .wav... files to .ogg.

Enjoy the update! If there are any problems or ideas, feel free to contact us via our email:


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Adjustments to Pro Upgrades

In order to cover all the costs, the price for the pro upgrade has been raised slightly.
In return, upgrading will provide you with more features(more layouts, dark mode etc.) than before and will constantly receive more.

We also switched from only being able to upgrade for 6 months to choosing your upgrade duration (1 month/ 3 months/ 6 months).
Upgrading for 6 months will save you 6%.

Pro Subscriptions available again!

After some issues with PayPal and subscriptions not being processed, pro subscriptions are now back up and running.
All upgrades made during this time have been manually processed.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Remove the Watermark?

Do you want to make your loading screen look hand-crafted just for your server?
Then the introduction of a 'Pro' upgrade is perfect for you.

For just $1.33 USD / month you can remove the watermark and more.

More information...

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New Update: Layouts

A feature long awaited has just been released: The ability to change between multiple layouts, to give your loading screens a completely different face.

Currently there are two layouts you can choose from, but we will be adding a lot more layouts in the future, stay tuned!

Why not try the new layout right now?

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