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How do I install my loading screen on my gmod server?
How do I make the loading screen appear when joining my gmod server? This question will be answered right here.

1. First, copy the LoadingURL from the desired loading screen (It can be found on the Dashboard)

2. Now, go to your Garry's Mod server's files and open the /garrysmod/cfg/autoexec.cfg file with any Texteditor (Make a new autoexec.cfg if there is none). Some servers require the sv_loadingurl to be in the server.cfg instead, it‘s best to try both.

3. Paste in the LoadingURL you copied before (sv_loadingurl "")

4. Save the file and restart your server

The next time anyone joins the server, the loading screen will appear and automatically grab the joining user's data and display it.
Making a loading screen is fairly easy. Start by logging into the loading screen maker's dashboard, using your Steam Account.

After that, you will be brought to the Dashboard offering two loading screen slots. (every user can create up to two loading screens) Now, to create the loading screen, just press one of the big blue pluses and wait for the loading screen to generate.

Done! Your Loading Screen has been created and activated with some example server information, rules etc. To edit this information, just press the Edit button on the slots-box bottom.

You can remove the watermark from any of your loading screens just by upgrading to 'Pro' for just $1.33 USD / month.

To upgrade, just click here.
Sometimes, you have or want to give others access to your account on this platform.
Until now, you had to give them access to your steam account.

With the 11th of August update, you are able to generate log-in keys that people can use to log-in to your account.
To do that, go to the Dashboard, scroll down to the bottom and click Generate/ Show active key. Now just copy and share the newly generated link with someone who needs access to your account.
Please note that a log-in key can only be used once and that only one key can be active at a time.
To look at your loading screen, navigate to the Dashboard first. Now, find the desired loading screen from the two slots.

Click on the 'View' button on the bottom of the box and you will be redirected to a live demo of your loading screen in your browser.