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How to use background images?
How do I use the background images? How do I copy them right? Follow these rules.

When using an image, you have to get the link to the image file. Sometimes, the links lead to a page where the image is displayed but not the actual image file itself.
Most of the time, the links to the actual image file, have a file extension such as (.jpg, .jpeg, .png) at the end of the URL.

To make sure you are using the right link, always check that there is no other content, such as text around the image.

You can usually right click on the image you want and press 'View Image', this will lead you to the actual image file. Use the link from that page.

How do I properly add a staff member? This is how it's done.

First, open the Steam Profile of the Person you want to add as a staff member.
Next, copy the link of the Steam Profile and open the site in your browser. Paste the Steam Profile link in the input field in the center of the site and wait for the site to process the user. When it's done, copy the so called steamID64 which looks like this: 76561198449390938.

To add a new staff member, paste this SteamID64 in the left text field and add a rank name on the right. This will automatically retrieve the Staff Information from the users Steam Profile.
Just go to your dashboard, click Edit on one of your loading screens, go to the Music dropdown and choose Use your own song file.
Now, press the new red button underneath the dropdown, fill in the songs Title, Artist, the Volume (how loud it should play) and last but not least the song file.

Keep in mind that the song file has to be in .ogg! There are pages like that can convert .mp3, .wav... files to .ogg.
Yes! Some of our layouts give you the option to display some of your servers rules.
Make sure to look at the thumbnail when choosing your loading screens layout, to find out If the layout you chose supports rules.
To add the rules, simply head over to your loading screens customization page and go to the Rules section.
Now you can enter your rules. Don't forget to activate the Rule tab, by enabling the switch on the left.