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How do I disable my AdBlocker?
This service is free and ads are our only way to finance our servers and keep the service up.
So, disabling your AdBlocker in exchange for two free loading screen is a big step to a bright future for this service.

How do I disable my AdBlocker now?

  1. Look for the AdBlocker Icon on the top right corner of your browser and press it

  2. Turn off the big switch

  3. Refresh the site

  4. Done! Thank you for supporting us!

When editing one of your loading screens, you get the option to either change your loading screen details (title, music, language,background etc.) or the chance to change the layout.
The 'layout' defines the way the elements in your loading screen are arranged.

The Gmod Loading Screen Maker currently offers the following preset layouts:



Modern and flat solution that can display a lot of information about your server.


Light loading screen with only a title and a progress bar.


Responsive loading screen that can display rules, staff and automated information about your server.


As simple as it can get: Just a welcome text with your server title.


Just your wallpaper... that's it!



Similar light loading screen to 'Simple' but with a compact way to display a part of your staff team and rules.


Clean and innovative loading screen with a modern touch.